Access to the CA-News.org portal is blocked by the internet providers of Kazakhstan

The Association for Human Rights in Central Asia received a complaint about blocking of access to the CA-News.org portal in Kazakhstan.

Since July 2014 internet users of Almaty, Astana, Karaganda and other cities of Kazakhstan do not have a direct access to this internet portal; they have to use web-proxy services.

According to observations most of the providers such as Kazakhtelecom, Beeline-Kazakstan and others are blocking access to this portal.

CA-News.org was created in 2007. A network of reporters from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan post 150-200 messages every day. This online publication covers new from 5 Central Asian countries raising sensitive and relevant topics. In the region with the population of 65 million, the web portal has about 400 thousand readers most of whom are in Kazakhstan..

The representatives of the providers and state institutions did not provide official explanations of the reasons for blocking  the access.

Freedom of expression and creation is guaranteed. Censorship is prohibited” – states the Constitution of Kazakhstan. – Everyone has a right to free access and circulation of information in any manner not prohibited by law”.

Jodgor Obid, a Vice-President of the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia notes: "Central Asian providers systematically block access to web-sites which publish materials containing criticism of authorities. This practice can be overcome only by active involvement of international observers and community of journalists. It is important to provide not only technical support for the non-censored media, but also show public solidarity with them. Each of us needs to protect and exercise the right to freedom of expression of opinion and access reliable information".

The Association for Human Rights in Central Asia calls on the government of Kazakhstan to protect Constitutional rights of it citizens fulfil its obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

If you would like to post to show your solidarity, you can send you message to: news@ca-news.org, canews@asia.com